Golly G, isn’t that Suite! (And it’s for education)

Are you familiar with the term, G-Suite? As of September 2016, Google Apps for Education changed their name to G-Suite for Education.

The G-Suite and more specifically the Google Classroom application has changed my effectiveness as a teacher.  Google Classroom, a classroom management tool, helps make the daily activities of my classroom run more smoothly. As a business teacher, almost all of my assignments and classroom activities are electronic and Google Classroom allows me to distribute resources, assign and schedule projects, and collect student work in an organized and timely manner.

Highlights of Google Classroom:

  • Syncs with the other Google applications for easy use, like Google Forms for surveys and quizzes.
  • Flipping your classroom?  You can use Google Classroom to distribute your video lesson by providing your students with the link to your video.
  • Bell Ringers and Tickets Out the Door are made easier when you pose a question to your students in their Google Classroom stream.
  • Parents and guardians can be notified of announcements and assignments for their student. (Great for upper elementary and middle school classrooms)
  • Differentiation is possible!  Discretely assign modified assignments to students in your class.
  • Collaboration.  Allow students to view and work on projects/assignments together.

Stressed about having a sub? Google Classroom helps alleviate some of the uncertainty about what is going on and the learning that is happening when you are out of your classroom.  I prepare and schedule all of my assignments and expectations for the students prior to being gone; this also helps the substitute teacher feel more comfortable in my room.

If you are a part of a Google School I would highly recommend looking into how Google Classroom can be your new teaching assistant. Curious about getting started with Google Classroom? Watch the following video.

Already using Google Classroom?  Check out Alice Keeler’s List of 20 Things Can Do With Google Classroom.

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